Author Topic: Interview bei Sounddesignlive from Nathan Liveley  (Read 177 times)

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Interview bei Sounddesignlive from Nathan Liveley
« on: April 19, 2017, 13:22 »
SATlive + Thomas Neumann: Sound system tuning with a single measurement microphone

By Nathan Lively

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sound-design-live-podcast-thomas-neumann-sound-system-tuning-single-measurement-microphone-headshotIn this episode of the Sound Design Live podcast, I talk with Thomas Neumann, the creator of SATLive and Level Check. We discuss sound system tuning with some of the really cool features in SATLive, including the Low-Frequency Delay Finder, Delay Suggestion Tool, and Speech Transmission Index measurement. We also talk about:

Why Neumann only uses one measurement microphone in the field;
How to see the amplitude and phase interactions of saved traces;
What new features you can expect to see in future SATLive updates;
The fancy adapter Neumann carries to interface with old Behringer processors; and
Software Audio Console.
Show notes:

All music in this episode by Johan Sveide.
The most common mistakes Neumann sees other engineers making.
They don’t understand dual channel FFT and end up measuring crazy things.
They focus on the amplitude, but not the time. EQ is the last step.
Delay Suggestion Tool
Neumann normally uses the maximum power option. The flat option will sometimes try to remove energy from the sub.
If you get a negative value while measuring the sub, you need to delay the main.
What’s in Neumann’s work bag?
Roland Quad Capture
iSEMcon EMX-7150 measurement microphone
Neutrik line isolator
RS232 to XLR adapter
Microphone calibrator
Software: SATLive, LevelCheck, Software Audio Console
Poor Man’s Galileo
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