Author Topic: Digidesign ASIO Driver failure  (Read 4774 times)

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Digidesign ASIO Driver failure
« on: April 30, 2010, 11:33 »
Two users reported a problem, which freezes SATlive when you try to change / select the Audio I/O device.

  • The digiasio.dll must be installed (i.e. a digidesign driver must have been installed before
  • The device was not connected to the pc since the last startup

In this case, the driver reports a crazzy amount of available inputs and outputs. SATlive tries to read the names of all input and outputs, which would take a very long time and a lot of memory.

Currently there are only the following 'workarounds' available:
a) Connect the device to your pc prior to the start of SATlive
b) Disable the scanning of the ASIO devices (This will list all asio devices whose drivers are available).
  • locate the audiosettings133.ini file, which is in the Tomy Soft\SATlive Common directory. The absolute position varies with your os settings and language
  • Open the file and locate the [ASIO] section
  • Change the value right to SCAN to 0
  • Save the file
  • In SATlive never select the driver, as long as no device is connected

The following report is created using the ASIOtest.exe from and shows the problem (and other incorrect 'replies' from the driver).
Try to open device 1, ASIO Digidesign Driver
Driver: c:\windows\system32\digiasio.dll
Successfully created
Init successful
Query current samplerate: Success, reported: 44.100,0
Scan for channel count: Success
Found inputs: 5981271 outputs: 995317583
Query buffersize: Success, Min: 0, max: 0, pref(current): 0
Report Input Monoitoring: Hardware input or output is not present or available.
Invoking Control Panel: Success
Controlpanel okay

I've created a supportcase at digidesign and the next release of SATlive willl contain a check to avoid the freezing.

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